Our Community

Meet the Systemorph community team – providing support for all your platform needs. They are ready to assist with any technical questions you might have and to ensure your experience within the Systemorph Cloud portal runs smoothly.

Our Community Manager Vanessa is your first point of contact and will relay your requests to the right specialist within the team. Our Evangelists are experts in developing solutions in Systemorph notebooks and have expansive knowledge in business data modelling and analysis.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Vanessa Stoessel

Community Manager

Sunshine from Systemorph. Passionate about movement. Can be found at the yoga studio or coaching sweaty fitness classes.

Sara Busato


A serious planner. Call her when you need things organized. Either somewhere off travelling or filling her need for speed with Formula 1 races.

Andrea Muolo


Sea-seeker chasing the ocean’s horizons. Often found exploring new cultures. Lover of food who can bankrupt any all-you-can-eat restaurant.

Davide Colleoni


Hobbyist chef that serves up a mean pasta con la zucca. If he’s not looking after his little one, then he’s out on the football field, or learning how to strum the guitar.

Daniel Trzesniak


A doting dad, polyglot, and mastermind for solving complex number puzzles. Gets his inspiration while out on a run.

Danilo Calderini


A serial creator of improbable metaphors that loves politically incorrect stand-up comedy. Will not shy away from any physical challenge.