Computational Notebooks
Business Application Mode
Data Modeling
Business Rules
Database Integration
Data Virtualization
Access Control for Projects
Professional Deployment
Full Data Lineage
Access Control for Databases
Business Process Documentation
Access Review
Private Network Connection
Full whitelabling of URLs
Azure Active Directory Integration
Key Vault Integration



Specify your content interactively in computational notebooks. Evolve your Implementation in a professional manner using collaborative features. Deploy in an enterprise-ready environment.
Present your content in an intuitive user interface, let users interact with the application in order to provide data, interactively analyse data, and control the business flows including documentation.
Develop and maintain data structures in a simple and intuitive language designed for business users.
Write your business logic in an understandable, business focused language. Reduce the implementation to the absolute minimum in order to increase maintainability.
C-Level reporting using easy-to-navigate controls giving powerful data insights
Make your charts interactive in order to explore the data content.
Import your data without writing any code, standard data readers are available given the specification of the data model.
Export your data without writing any code, standard data outputs to Excel, CSV and others are available given the specification of the data model.
Save your data on any data storage without writing any code according to the specification of the data model.
Assemble data from multiple sources, add business logic, without heavy and cumbersome synchronization processes resulting in delayed reporting and possibly inconsistent, redundant data.
Fine granular access control to share code and notebooks individually for collaboration across your teams.
Enterprise-ready deployment mechanism designed for business critical applications.
Scale out horizontally and vertically without any limits.
All our solutions provide full data lineage and auditability
Segment your data in multiple areas, controlling in fine granularity who can view and edit which elements in your data model.
Structure your business processes and let the business apllication guide users from data submission until the electronic sign-off of data.
Document your business processes in an easy, collaborative manner side-by-side with your data. Create extracts for internal management, external auditors, regulators, and other stakeholders using tags.
Periodically review access rights of your application in order to comply with audit standards.
Attach your on-premise resources through a private network connection to Systemorph Cloud
Create URLs as part of your intranet using your own certificates.
Attach the Buisiness Application directly to your Azure Active Directory
Bring your own Azure Key Vault to administer secrets and certificates.