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Present Value with our Notebook

IFRS17 calculations are made simple with Systemorph technology.

Welcome to Systemorph’s IFRS17 education series, a how-to guide for computing IFRS17 financials.

Series 1 tackles the topic of present value, the basis for computing IFRS17 financials, and sheds light on “how much money are you willing to pay today for a group of insurance contracts?”

In episode two, we show you how the present value of a group of insurance contracts can easily be calculated using our IFRS17 Calculation Engine developed in Systemorph Cloud Notebooks.

The Notebooks and data set presented during this video can be found directly in the project

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IFRS17 Template: Get started

IFRS17 Template: Get started

In this episode, we walk you through the Systemorph IFRS17 Template Project which includes a complete example of input data for many annual reporting periods and uses our Calculation Engine for producing and reporting results.

Present Value: How to

Present Value: How to

We show you how to configure the Systemorph IFRS17 Calculation Engine to your own data set and business. From setting up your company’s many legal entities to include your favorite Analysis of Change step. This is where the magic happens.