#Techucation: The Systemorph IFRS17 Template Explained

Welcome to Systemorph’s IFRS17 education series #Techucation, a how-to guide for computing IFRS17 financials.

In this episode, discover how the Systemorph standard solution can aid you with IFRS17 disclosure processes from data collection to reporting.

With our cloud-native technology & state-of-the-art methodology you can work at double the speed to produce high quality reports. No time is lost between data arrival, report calculation and review, and the impact of data on reports becomes immediately visible.

IFRS17 Template: Get started

IFRS17 Template: Get started

In this episode, we walk you through the Systemorph IFRS17 Template Project which includes a complete example of input data for many annual reporting periods and uses our Calculation Engine for producing and reporting results.