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Systemorph Cloud is a novel cloud platform for business persons to create professional business applications. Manage your data across multiple sources in a structured business with adequate controls to achieve the highest data quality.

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The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a business application is mainly driven by two components:

1. Staff costs for development and operation of the application

2. Infrastructure costs




New interactive, collaborative media type. Specify your business rules interactively. Use notebooks to program and to run ad-hoc analyses.


We actively build a community around the product. Contribute yourself to the development of the technology, providing examples and showcases.


Due to the intuitive user interface, the entire organization gets involved in data-centric processes, from the submission to C-Level reporting.

Systemorph Cloud

Transform your projects

A transparent, cloud-based professional tool for the development of business applications and immediate deployment – try it out for free and see how fast you get real results.


Systemorph Cloud

Build interactive showcases for you or your organization

Create business processes and reporting with an end-to-end control – centralized and customized. Validate in real-time, communicate & collaborate through all levels.


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IFRS17 Template: Get started

IFRS17 Template: Get started

In this episode, we walk you through the Systemorph IFRS17 Template Project which includes a complete example of input data for many annual reporting periods and uses our Calculation Engine for producing and reporting results.

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